Commercial Door Hardware

We provide all major brands of architectural and commercial door hardware and locking products for new and retrofit applications. We specialize in opening solutions for a variety of vertical markets including education and healthcare, and continue to lead our industry in new product introductions and innovative solutions for all door opening needs for both mechanical…

Door Closers & Operators

The Door Closer and door control product brands that we have solve challenges for a wide range of doorway applications. All of our door closers and operators are designed to ensure precise and superior opening/closing performance while providing solutions to commercial door problems that are often faced in high-use, high-abuse situations.

Door Coordinator

We offer several types of door coordinators for use on pair of doors when one door must close before the other.

Door Trim

We have all of the Architectural door accessories needed to complete any door opening.

Electronic Door Hardware

Available in a variety of technologies, our electronic door hardware products provide security reliability and convenience on multiple door applications, from high security openings to high-traffic environments. Our extensive selections will help you find the right products for your needs.

Commercial Exit Devices

We provide most major brands of architectural hardware and locking products for new and retrofit applications. We specialize in opening solutions for a variety of variety of vertical markets including education and healthcare, and continue to lead our industry in new product introductions and innovations to existing products.

Gate Hardware

We offer a big selection of high quality hinges and hardware for all of your gate applications. Gate hardware, sliding gate hardware, gate latch hardware, and gate hardware kits are used to maintain or build existing structures. 

Door Closers & Operators

We offer a wide selection of hinges for commercial door applications. From 5 knuckle hinges, electrified hinges, to Soss invisible hinges we have your commercial hinge needs covered. 

Commercial Locks & Lock Parts

We provide all major brands of Locks and Lock Parts for your facilities door and hardware needs. Our Locks and Lock Part offering provides a specialize solution for a variety of vertical markets including education, healthcare and detention facilities. We continue lead the industry in new product introductions and innovative solutions for all of your Lock and Lock Part needs.

Locks & Lock Parts – Aluminum Doors

Louvers, Lite Kits & Glass

We provide a wide variety of door louvers, lite kits and glass options. Our door glass kits allow light to enter a space for increased visibility while also keeping your area safe and secure. Door louvers are used to increase ventilation and can often found in restroom or maintenance areas. All of our louvers and lite kits are made with high quality material and will bring value and customization to your door.

Overhead Stops & Holders

Choose from our selection of overhead holders and stops, available in concealed or surface-mounted styles.    They are specifically used to extend the life of the door, frame, and door closing devices on an opening.  The Stop-Only model may be used on fire-rated openings.  Overhead stops/holders can be used on wood, glass, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass doors.  The stops and holders are designed to protect the door and hardware from daily abuse found in commercial and institutional applications.  Stop, hold-open and friction functions are available.


Pivots and pivot sets are architectural hardware applications that provides the perfect means of hanging a door.  The pivot set hardware application is recognized by engineers and architects to be the best way to hang a door because the weight of the door is supported by the floor instead of the door frame.  Specifically, the pivot hardware allows the door to swing on a single point or axis.  Pivot hinge applications are commonly used on doors that are heavy or doors that require special installation due to their design.  Pivots are available for doors ranging in weight from 25 to to 1100 lbs. 

Residential Hardware

Looking to create a great first impression when guests visit your home? Upgrading your handle set is an easy way to do so. We offer a wide variety of designs and finishes, from angular to flowing, classic to contemporary, all designed to ensure that your door is the perfect introduction to your home.


Permanent identification is provided for rooms and spaces to meet ADA and code requirements. Signs shall be installed on the wall adjacent to the latch side of the door. Where there is no wall space to the latch side of the door, including at double leaf doors, signs shall be placed on the nearest adjacent wall. Mounting height shall be 60″ (1525 mm) above the finish floor to the centerline of the sign. Mounting location for such signage shall be so that a person may approach within 3″ (76 mm) of signage without encountering protruding objects or standing within the swing of a door.


Thresholds fill the gap between the bottom of the door and the finished floor. The primary purpose of the threshold is to keep wind, snow, dust, debris, bugs and pests, and other particles from passing underneath the door into the interior of your building. Commercial door thresholds are essential pieces of hardware to protect your building and reduce your energy costs. 

Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping includes various types of gasketing, weatherization products, astragals and astragal seals, weather-strip, fire glazing tape, and edge seals.  Gasketing design applications can effectively block air drafts, water, sound, light, and weather from infiltrating your properties. Many of our items are UL-rated to meet 20-minute smoke transmission requirements. The products install easily and are supplied with fasteners based on your door application, please refer to the product descriptions and features for specifics. Perimeter gasketing on all four sides of your opening will protect you from the elements. Also know as Weather-stripping.

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